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Availing of the Microsoft 365 License

Availing of the Microsoft 365 License

by Keith Amodia -
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What is Microsoft 365 License?

Microsoft 365 is a software subscription of the school in partnership with PLDT which allows staff, teachers and students. Using your school account you are free to use Microsoft Office 365 productivity apps.

How can I avail of my Microsoft 365 License?

You must be logged into your school account ( and visit

From there you can download the desktop apps like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint which will have a valid license tied to your account. Make sure to uninstall previous Microsoft Office installations before you install Office 365.

Known Issue: After download, you might notice that the installed version is something other than Office 365. That is okay. All you have to do is log-in using your DBTC account: navigate to File > Account > Log-in (or Change License). After logging in Office will automatically apply your licenses.