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On Books for Online Classes

On Books for Online Classes

by Keith Amodia -
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Will books be required still? 

Why are books still used in online classes?
The internet may not be working all the time. So books will enable students to continue their tasks in Distance Learning. Books do not serve as fallback but a major source of assessment and learning activities for students. 

    • We anticipate there might be some days when internet will be down. So books will enable students to continue their tasks in Distance Learning.
    • Some families will have two or more kids using one gadget. Books will come in handy for one child when the computer is scheduled to be used by another child.
    • We regard the contents of the books as the primary sources since there are number of subjects that do not have enough resources from the internet.

When will the list and prices of books be made available / given to us?
By the first week of August. We will inquire from the book companies on when they can deliver the books.  We will work it out that it will be by first week of August.
What if a student is in Bohol, how will he have access to books?

Just email us: or text us: 09170-7155-984 if you wish us to facilitate the delivery. Delivery cost shall be charged to the students’ accounts.

Are the books acquired through installment?
Yes. Installment starts when you avail the books. Installment payment will be until December 2020 only.

Can we request that books payment be in an installment scheme due to the financial difficulty of parents?
Yes you can. We have already requested book companies and they agree with it.