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On Distance Learning / Online Classes

On Distance Learning / Online Classes

by Keith Amodia -
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For the asynchronous learning: Can we do it on our own or should we really follow the schedule given?

Yes you can do it on your own. The asynchronous schedule given is a guide for students. Parents may impose it on their children or not. However, if they wish to consult the teacher, they should observe the schedule of the teacher as seen through the schedule.

If we don’t have the internet, can we go full modular (offline)?
As a temporary solution, yes. As a permanent option for the whole school year, no. We understand that sometimes, online / internet connection may be a problem. We can be flexible on this situation. To go offline therefore should only be temporary as the school chose online mode of distance learning all throughout this school year. Offline Distance Learning or Modular through Printed text materials is not an option. 

Will synchronous classes be recorded so students who can’t join will be able to catch up?
Yes. Teachers will do it, but not for general dissemination.

Online Sessions with teachers are recorded. But there are guidelines to consider if a student wants to avail of it:

  1. Students can request for the record within two weeks. 
  2. Students who requests for the record must ask for it ahead not later.
  3. There should be valid reasons why a students wants to avail of it
  4. Students who are granted the copy cannot share it to others.
Are students really required to attend synchronous classes?

Yes. Students are required to attend in any synchronous sessions. Attendance is recorded and it affects positively their school performance.

Can we choose our learning delivery mode? 

No. The school prefers Online Distance Learning. When parents enroll their child in DBTC, it is understood that the child will have access to the internet as most of the learning activities is done online.

What if we choose offline mode?

This is not an option. At this moment, it is not an option for two reasons:

  1. The school intents to continue to get in touch with the students even if it is only through virtual presence.
  2. The school continues to deliver its Salesianity formation activities which can only be done mostly online.
How can we get the materials in school?

Parents can either 

  1. Personally claim them in school or
  2. Ask the school to facilitate its delivery. 

If parents want the school to facilitate its home delivery, just email us:  or text us: 09170-7155-984 if you wish us to facilitate the delivery. Delivery cost shall be charged to the students’ accounts

Will we need a printer for the activities?

No need. But our flexible situation may suggest you acquire one.

Is BUILD LMS mobile friendly?

Yes, as long as you have the internet access. With your DBTC google account, you can access the BUILD Moodle anytime,  anywhere and through any gadget as long you are logged-in to the internet.