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On Microsoft 365

On Microsoft 365

by Keith Amodia -
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What is Microsoft 365? What is/are its uses? 

It’s a subscription offering of Microsoft which makes your office / school works more convenient, up-to-date and accessible to all kinds of gadgets. You can get its latest office Microsoft apps and get continuous updates and upgrades. This new Microsoft product will enable you to install same apps into your tablets, phones and even iMac. You can also have 1TB One Drive cloud storage if you subscribe to it.

How do we install Office 365 on our desktops and laptops?

Once logged in with your DBTC account, you may head over to and download the installer from there. Once downloaded and installed, you may log into Office 365 with your DBTC account to activate the license.

Is Office 365 available for mobile devices too?

Yes. Google's Playstore for Android devices and Apple's Appstore for iOS devices contains a plethora of Microsoft Apps that are part of Microsoft 365,

We already have an existing Microsoft Office 365 subscription. How does this affect us?

You don't need to install another instance of Office 365. All you have to do is to log-in with your DBTC account to add the school license to your existing subscription.

We already have installed Microsoft Office 2016 or 2019 in our computer. How does this affect us?

Microsoft recommends to uninstall your perpetually licensed Office product, either Office 2016 or 2019, since Office 365 may not run together with retail products. Your perpetual license remains valid and may be used again should you uninstall Office 365.