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On Google Suite for Education

On Google Suite for Education

by Keith Amodia -
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What is Google Suite for Education?

G Suite for Education is a collection of online services and apps that Google has provided to DBTC for free. It contains productivity and online learning tools that augment our BUILD learning management system.

Why do we use G Suite?

G Suite is the consolidating platform for our online classes. Using your DBTC-issued G Suite account, you can access BUILD Moodle LMS and Microsoft services by using only one account - your DBTC G Suite Account.

How do I log-in into my DBTC G Suite Account?

You may log-in by visiting or and using your DBTC G Suite credentials at log-in.

How much storage do I have with G Suite?

G Suite for Education allows for 30 GB of cloud storage.

Will the students use Google Classroom for their online classes too?

The default learning management system of the school is BUILD Moodle. However, we allow our teachers to integrate Google services like Google Classroom to augment their online teaching. Student records remain kept in BUILD Moodle LMS.